Roulette Types


Roulette is unless popular and interesting than Blackjack. Besides of its simple rules, roulette betting types are also quite easy to memorize. Both in American and in European roulette, there are two betting subdivisions inside bets and outside. The last ones have more winning odds, but low payouts. One of the winning hints is to cover inside bets by outside ones. Some consider that roulette strategy exists, some believe that there are only some useful techniques that might help to succeed, but in any way, I must admit that roulette is basically game of chance rather of skills.

Roulette differences

Table layout and Wheel

European roulette is considered as more favorable, because its table layout has only one zero. American roulette however has two zeros, what makes game more complicated and disadvantageous. Simultaneously to playing table, American roulette wheel has also double zero, what increase the number of compartments from 37 to 38. You may think that this difference is insignificant, but you are mistaken. Such at the first sight, small trifle influences on payouts, bets, odds and casino advantages. The house advantage in European roulette is 2.7 %, when in American roulette is 5.26%.

En Prison rule

European roulette has such a wonderful option which is called En Prison rule, which gives you a possibility either to give up half of your bet or to roll the betting amount over the next bet in case when zero rolls. This rule reduces the casino advantage up to the 1.35%.

French roulette

French roulette is similar to European one because of the single zero, but it differs from previous two types with colors that are white instead of red and black and with the location of numbers on the wheel. Looking at different colors, types of bets are also a little different.

Looking on the listed differences, European roulette is more preferable than American one. In any way, you can try any type in online casino without spending your money.

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