Security & Privacy

Website Communications

We send welcoming emails to every new member for username verification. Occasionally, established members are going to get SMS or email information on special deals and services, as well as a newsletter. To respect user privacy, however, we do offer up the option not to get such communications from us.

If users opt for newsletter subscription, we will need contact information in the form of an email address and name. To respect user privacy, we offer up ways to stop getting such communications, though.

Very rarely, it will be necessary to transfer announcements that are strictly related to our services. For example, if the service is going through maintenance and will be suspended temporarily, we may send emails to the users. In general, users cannot refuse to get these non-promotional communications.

We correspond with users regularly to offer up requested services, as well as regarding account problems. We respond through phone or email, depending on the user's preferences.

Any user information that we get will not be used to encourage gaming behavior that is irresponsible.

Every now and then, our website will ask for user information through contests or surveys. Such contest and survey participation is totally voluntary, though, so the user can decide if he wants to disclose his information or not. Usually, this requested information will include demographic and contact information (zip codes and names). The contact information is going to be given to the sponsors of the contest, as well, so that winners can be notified about the prizes won. This user information isn't shared without choice and prior notice, though. Although we might put intermediaries to use for these contests or surveys, they cannot put user information to use for secondary purposes of any kind.


We take all of the precautions necessary in order to keep user information safe. Whenever users give out sensitive information through this website, the information will be protected offline and online.

When the order form or registration asks users for sensitive information, like numbers of credit cards, this information will be encrypted and protected with great SSL encryption software. While on safe pages, like the order form pages, the web browser's lock icon will lock as opposed to when you are merely surfing the Internet.

While SSL encryption is put to use for sensitive information protection online, we do all that we can to protect offline user information, as well. Every single bit of user information - sensitive information included - will be restricted to our offices. Employees who actually need the information for certain job performances alone - customer service employees, for instance - will be given access to users' personal information.

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