European roulette

The basic game of European Roulette is the same as any other game. You place bets on what slot you believe the ball will fall into, and eagerly await your results. To place your bet, you simply click on the number you want, which will place one chip on the slot for every time you click your mouse. You can add or remove chips as often as you would like until the wheel is spun.

When you have placed your desired bet on the table, click the "spin" button and watch the wheel spin, watching with excitement as the ball rolls around before it falls into a slot. It's that easy.


European Roulette Game Description

When you play online, there are a few extra selections that are available for you. First, you can click the "rebet" button if you would like to place the same bet again. Otherwise, you can clear all bets from the table or take the opportunity to skip your turn and watch the wheel spin as others play.

On top of these buttons, there are a few shortcut keys that will make your preparation time that much shorter when you play. You can type in how many chips you would like to bet if you prefer not to do it with the mouse. The space bar functions the same as the "rebet" button, allowing you to instantly place the same bet over and over. You can use the Tab key to switch from button to button, and use the enter button to confirm your decisions. Finally, you can press the Escape key at any time to exit the game and go back to the lobby.

Betting Types

Like with any other game of Roulette, a player is able to place unique bets on the numbers they choose. There are numerous betting styles out there, and it is entirely up to you when you choose how to bet. These betting styles will add a little flavor to your betting style.

A straight up bet is the most straightforward betting type, having you place a bet on any number of your choosing. A split bet is when you choose two numbers that are adjacent from one another, while a street bet is a bet consisting of a row of three numbers.

A corner bet is when a player places a bet on four spaces that are touching, while a four bet is when a player bets on the first four numbers on the table. You can also bet on an entire column if you would like. Finally, players may divide the table into 3 sets of 12, betting on a dozen numbers and creating a dozen bet.

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