Craps history

The Game of Craps: History of the Game

It is very hard to determine exactly when and where Craps was first played. While this is still debated by historians, it is known that William of Tyre took over Hazarth with his fellow crusaders in 1125 AD. These knights played a game known as Al Zar to pass the time. The name Al Zar is also Arabic for dice, leading to some speculation that the game of Craps was played there. It is assumed that Arabic merchants actually brought the game to Europe when they travelled across Europe.


The game continued to gain popularity in the 17th century, getting the name "Hazard" and being played in taverns across England. The game soon made it over the English Channel to France, where the game was re-named Craps. This name is said to be a variation of crabs, which is the most popular explanation for where the name originated from. Eventually, people started to head out for a new land in the US and brought the game with them.

Craps evolved once more in the 19th century when the game was streamlined and modernized by John Winn. Winn, a die maker, ended up creating essential rules like the pass and don't pass, along with the big 6 and 8. Many credit him with being the father of Craps, which is very logical since he even created the rules that are used to this day.

The game continued to evolve and grow as the times changed, even being played on the battlefield during World War II. As soldiers played the game, it expanded the knowledge of the game to everyone once those soldiers returned back to their homes, taking the game back with them. This caused a spark in the interest of the game of Craps, which is why it is so popular today.

Craps Today

While the game might not be as widespread as it once was, Craps is still a very popular and exciting game. The internet has brought many casinos online, letting many play these games for the first time. Thanks to this technical advancement, Craps is become popular once again. There is no doubt that Craps will grow in popularity once more as new generations are introduced to it.

Whether you have played Craps before or were considering playing the game, there is no denying the rich and colorful history the game has had to make it to casinos around the world. The game has retained its popularity because of the great fun it brings, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Be sure to try out Craps if you have never tried it, you'll quickly see why it has lasted for all of these years.

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